Eastside Health Center

Whitehall, Ohio



Ohio Health


Trinity Health Group


Advanced Civil Design


Ohio Health, in their efforts to create more of a “neighborhood friendly” look to their freestanding medical office buildings located in the suburbs; created a 3-Phase approach to the Eastside Health Center Remodel.

Phase I: Includes modifications to parking lots, lighting, parking islands, and traffic flow.

Phase II: Includes modifications to the shell of the building specifically; application of thin-brick, spandrel glass, new color stucco, changes to the tower and entrance features and other modifications to make the building look less contemporary.

Phase III: Includes demolition of 18,000 sq/ft of existing medical office space and rebuilding 15,000 sq/ft of the space to support their new business needs.

O’Brien Robinson served as the Construction Manager for this project extending their long-time relationship with the OhioHealth Organization.

  • Completion Date
    • July 2008
  • Total Value of Construction
    • $1,675,000