About O’Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc.

O’Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc. was created in October 2000 and operated for the first 6-years as KPRS O’Brien Construction Services, Inc.

In January of 2007, the three silent investors from California that made up the “KPRS” component of the business were bought out by Tom O’Brien and Matt Robinson in a planned transaction, leading the way for the company to be renamed to O’Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc.

Having built the company from the ground up in the Columbus market and creating relationships in the construction industry for the past 14-years; Tom, Matt and the O’Brien Robinson Team are positioned to continue to expand the business.


The construction and development industry has been waiting for a new and innovative company, like O’Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc.; made up of dedicated, ethical, experienced and service-oriented individuals who get the work done.

Our management team has the experience and history to provide this unique service to clients who often have to settle for working with companies that do not have their best interests at heart.


We are proud of the work we have done for our clients and equally proud of the pioneering contributions we have made in the fields of construction and cost management. Our services are customized for every Client.

We provide an owner with the service, information and flexibility which meets all the aspects and requirements of the Client. We are a service-oriented organization and our client’s needs are first on our priority list.


We believe that it is extremely important for us to give direct attention to our clients’ needs and work to ensure that each and every client feels comfortable with how their project is progressing. It is this service-oriented focus that will set us apart from other organizations.

To this end, O’Brien Robinson will assign a Principal to each project, while the other Principals will remain available to support and assist as needed. Each of the Principals will be extremely active in assuring the success of each project.

By assuring consistency in leadership through out every project and having the same principal maintain our company’s relationship with every client until the project is completed, O’Brien Robinson will establish a coherent and regular line of communication that other companies simply do not.

614-734-1470 info@obrienrobinson.com