Our Team is proud of its success and reputation for consistently delivering projects of the highest quality, on time and within the Clients guidelines.  Our pre-construction planning process, combined with our involvement from the early stages of conception, allow us to expertly plan, set timelines and estimate cost for the project.  Our Cost Management System is a proprietary system that incorporates general project information such as a project directory, project information, technical data, estimating reports, value engineering items, outline specifications, subcontractors listing, trade scope comparisons, and provides a single source document for the total range of the project requirements.  Our Team is supported by subcontractor groups of experienced specialists in architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural estimating as needed.

Project Estimating

Our Team provides a factual account of the project status, presenting meaningful information to allow Team Members to make timely decisions. Furthermore, as each document is produced in the different phases of the design and construction document process, a library of information is created, taking into consideration key decisions and value-added options.  To provide continuous cost control methods throughout pre-construction, our Team will examine each issue of drawings and specifications and each change to ensure adherence to the budget.  We create our “Opinion of Probable Cost” (OoPC) and it is updated throughout design.  The OoPC is updated constantly as drawings continue to be developed.  Input, advice, and budgets are often gathered from subcontractors as well during budgeting.

Our final Budget will be confirmed and finalized once the Bid Set Drawings are bid out to our subcontractor network.  Once bids are collected, analyzed, and tabulated, we will prepare a final OoPC for discussion with Team Members.  It is the collection of this pricing that provides the final check to the budget and ultimately serve as the basis of a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the contract.

Proactive Scheduling

The O’Brien Robinson Team approach is to be proactive in scheduling.  Achieving predictable project outcomes is a process that depends on current and accurate information, communication, and teamwork.  We strive to great lengths to produce an initial target schedule incorporating requirements from all parties including owners, designers, contractors, suppliers, and end users.  This establishes the baseline schedule that serves as a measuring point for the entire project.  By focusing on the initial scheduling plan, we have essentially minimized the potential problems that will slow down the project.

The Project Team will review the 14-day look-ahead schedules weekly during the subcontractor’s and owner’s coordination meetings.  The schedule will be used as a tool to discuss deliveries and installation sequences.  Any problems or issues will be addressed, and the schedule will be adjusted to reflect the changes, if necessary.

Construction Approach

During the construction phase of the project, we will provide construction management and related services as necessary to adequately supervise, monitor and coordinate the work each subcontractor. Our Team will establish and monitor safety, security, cleaning, and other conditions as well to ensure a the best work environment. The following items are also critical to a successful construction project and will be provided by O’Brien Robinson Construction Services, Inc:

  • General Management and On-Site Staffing
  • Quality Control and Subcontractor Management
  • Coordinate Testing and Inspections
  • Coordinate Shop Drawings and Submissions
  • Labor and Community Relations
  • Changes in Work
  • General Conditions Items
  • Proactive Scheduling
  • Implementation of Site Safety Program

Closing out the Project

The O’Brien Robinson Team will coordinate, along with the Architect, the preparation of a punch list indicating the items of work remaining to be accomplished and will ensure that these items are completed in an expeditious manner.  Our Team will prepare certificates of substantial and final completion, as required, and will assemble guarantees, warranties, etc., as required by the contract documents, and will forward them to the owner, certifying that they are complete and cover the scope of work as required.  We will coordinate the collection of operating manuals and instructional information from the subcontractors for their specific scope of work .

We will work closely with all project personnel relative to start-up following project completion.  This not only includes maintenance personnel, but also personnel who need to have a working understanding of the building to do their job properly.  This provides the owner with the comfort of knowing our Team is still available, if needed, to oversee repairs or replacements of specific construction-related items.  Ultimately a one-year warranty will be delivered including documentation from each Subcontractor and O’Brien Robinson.

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